From unisex to LAD only

Peppe Parola is an unisex hairdresser, but one day he decided to begin a new chapter for his business.
So he started Peppe's Barbershop. Where he is focusing on LADs only (real men only).

He tries to bring the real old shaving-beard experience back that he started learning with 8 years. Pretty successful, so every men, who ever wanted to let shave his beard right like in the old days, should visit Peppe Parola in the heart of Luxemburg.
Under this, you can see some of his work.

100 or more Clients worked with (hard to say)
1000 or more SONGS LISTENED (stopped counting)
100 razor blades used (stopped counting)
100000 CUPS OF COFFEE (better not counted)


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Peppe Parola

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